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A bit more about us..


Hi! and welcome. I'm Cecilia (33), the older sister of the two.. First baby of the family and a bit of a health junkie.

I moved 'temporarily' to Vancouver, Canada in 2009 and decided to stay.

My 'real job' is as a graphic designer, but for the last few years I've been wanting to do something else. I've always been into healthy eating (for the most part), and now that I'm a mom, I'm even more conscious about, not only what I eat, but what I feed to my kiddo (you can mix it in almost anything and your child won't notice).

There aren't many foods that have as many benefits and uses as Nopal does, so we want to share it! 

I'm Sofia (31) - I learned the value of good health the hard way… temporarily lived in Canada, but ultimately decided to go back to Aztec territory. Started developing a kidney stone problem in my teenage years and after 3 painful surgeries, I decided it was enough.. Time to find something, other than pills, that could help reduce the risk of a relapse by maintaining sodium and sugar levels at bay.

Guess what I found? Nopal powder.

Sprinkle a little here and there and it will do the trick! Coming across the multiple benefits of dried nopal has been a blessing. Nopal tostadas, nopal cupcakes, nopal powder smoothies… you name it! Just everywhere,


Sofia eudemonia.png

So, this is a real family business, built from scratch with all the love and hope one could have.

Our business genuinely cares about spreading awareness of the hidden magic of this 100% Mexican product.

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